Black Thorn Pub & Pizza

I finally made it to thblackthorn pizzae place that I’ve been so excited to try and it was everything I’d hoped it would be. Although I had heard that Black Thorn Pub & Pizza was a dive, I was not deterred. From the outside, this establishment appears to be a local, neighborhood bar. But judging by the gently used furnishings (and that is putting it lightly) and writing on the walls, you know it is a place that has been loved over the years.
You have to be willing to put in a little time to enjoy one of these legendary pies. These pizzas take at least an hour to make, even with a relatively empty restaurant on a snowy, Sunday night. However, good things come to those who wait. You have the option of thin or deep dish pizza but I opted for the thick crust that I had heard so much about. These pizzas are filled with layer upon layer of cheesy goodness and appear to be topped with a minimal about of a perfectly seasoned sauce. One piece was more than enough to fill me up and one, 12 inch pizza was plenty for four adults. Next time I have a few hours to spare, I will definitely be back.

Black Thorn Pub on Urbanspoon

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