The Mud House

This morning, my husband and I went in search of a new weekend brunch spot and happened to come across The Mud House located on Cherokee Street. I had not yet been to this part of town that is known for its antique shops, art galleries, and cafes. I have been hearing a lot of talk about St. Louis’s up and coming coffee scene and this was one of the names that has been mentioned. However, I had no idea about their creative breakfast and lunch menu that are both served throughout the day.

Rosemary latte
Rosemary latte

We arrived around 11a.m. and since it was getting crowded, I stood in line to order at the counter while my husband found a table. Little did he know, he was about to be the recipient of a lavender mocha that was recommended by the barista. While I was a little nervous about choosing this for him, we were both pleasantly surprised. In fact it was so delicious, he uncharacteristically ordered a second drink for the road. I took a chance by ordering a rosemary latte which was also unexpectedly good. You could smell a hint of rosemary as soon as you brought the mug to your mouth but the taste was very subtle.

While waiting for our order, we had a chance to take in the restaurant. The décor complemented the artsy feel of the neighborhood in that everything was so mismatched, that it matched perfectly. The floors were a rustic wood, menus were written on chalk boards and rolls of paper towels, and the walls were covered in vintage shop finds. The restaurant was filled families having breakfast, students studying on their laptops, and groups of friends having coffee. It had such warm, cozy feel that I wanted to love it the minute I stepped in the door.

After about 15 minutes, the food arrived at our table. While there are a la cart menu items, this is not a place that you go for your typical eggs, bacon, and hash browns. I chose to go with The Breslin made with curried lentils, two sunny-side up eggs, cilantro, plain Greek yogurt, and two pieces of grilled bread. The portions and presentation were perfect and the combination of eggs and lentils was something that I have never seen before. However, the Greek yogurt didn’t add much to the dish and I probably could have done without it. My husband went for the Mud Slinger made with two sunny-side up eggs over black bean chili, roasted potatoes, red onion, and toast. We both loved this dish but thought that the eggs could have used another minute on the skillet.

After finishing our breakfast, we stayed just a bit longer before deciding to check out some of the shops next door. We made it a few blocks before deciding that a cold Sunday with snow packed sidewalks was not making for the best shopping and settled on coming back when it is warmer out. For anyone looking for a new brunch or coffee spot, I would definitely recommend The Mud House.

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1 thought on “The Mud House

  1. I really enjoyed your review! I like the mud house a lot, it’s so close to our home, vegetarian friendly, and an inviting atmosphere. I have had the slinger before and enjoyed it, but found it to be a little heavy for breakfast. The French toast with bananas is my absolute favorite.
    Also, there’s a small bake shop down the street called whisk which is so good! Nice thing about that neighborhood is the different shops support each other and actually recommend each other.

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