Winslow’s Home

Winslow's 1Winslow’s Home is what I would consider to be the hidden gem of University City. If you are not looking for this restaurant as you drive down Delmar Blvd., you are likely to miss it as the building’s architecture blends right into the rest of the neighborhood. The farm-to-table concept is apparent from both the rustic and homey feel of the restaurant to the seasonal and ever changing menu. In fact, much of the food is grown right at Winslow’s Farm near Augusta, MO. Not only is Winslow’s a restaurant but it is also a store with a variety of household products, books, and local foods such as sweets, flavored salts, and honey.

I would like to preface my review by saying that this is probably the fifth time I have dined at Winslow’s and I go back because I love it so much. However, my experience for brunch last weekend was incredibly different than what I am used to.

Winslow's 6Since it was a beautiful Fall morning and I live in the neighborhood, we decided to ride our bikes to the restaurant. There are two racks out front which made it easy to secure the bikes while we ate. It was a crowded Sunday morning as I expected and we took our spot in line to order. Diners have the option of any of the breakfast items, salads, main courses, and off-the-menu specials such as butternut squash soup throughout the day (See Winslow’s Seasonal Menu (PDF)). While standing in line to place our order, a hostess took our name and informed us that it would be quite a wait for outdoor seating so we settled on eating inside. After standing in the very slow moving line, we ordered and were then instructed to move to another line to pick up our drinks. After sixteen minutes of waiting at the counter, I was handed a mocha and the smallest glass of fresh squeezed orange juice I have ever seen. Now I understand that the orange juice was fresh but had I known that it would be gone after four sips, I would have chosen something else, especially with how long I had to wait for it.

After 25 minutes our food fiWinslow's 5nally arrived. My husband went with the pork burrito which was a whole wheat tortilla stuffed with breakfast sausage, eggs, potatoes, cilantro, mozzarella, chipotle sour cream and served with a side of tomatillo salsa. The portion was quite large and the flavors were good. The burrito was a bit dry however the salsa took care of the problem. I ordered the egg white frittata which was mixed with broccoli, caramelized onions, cheddar cheese, and topped with arugula and served in a hot cast iron skillet. While the presentation was good, the bottom of the frittata was burned, rubbery, and required a knife to cut which is not what I expect in an egg dish. I was underwhelmed with my meal because it felt like it was something I could have made in my own kitchen. We finished our meal with a plum sour cream coffee cake which was large enough to share, very moist, not overly sweet, and reminded my husband of a Russian cake that his grandmother used to make.

Overall, I was disappointed with my experience because of the wait times, chaotic atmosphere, and execution of my dish. Although the restaurant is designed to be cozy and quaint, it doesn’t feel equipped to handle a crowded Sunday morning. However, I have had really good experiences at this restaurant in the past and I am incredibly impressed with the freshness of the food and concept of the menu so I will definitely be back, maybe just for a mid-week, late afternoon lunch.

Winslow’s Home is located at 7213 Delmar, University City, MO 63130

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