Baileys’ Range

Bailey's Range BuildingOn a quest for something other than brunch on an early Sunday afternoon, I came across Baileys’ Range. It is fair to say that I have loved the atmosphere and food of every single Bailey’s restaurant that I have walked in to so I expected nothing short of delicious. One of my favorite things about Baileys’ restaurants is that they embrace older buildings that others would possibly shy away from. The first glimpse of their creative touch is the mural outside of the building which provides a bright spot to an otherwise dreary city block. Walking in to the two-story industrial style loft space, your eyes are drawn in every direction. The ice cream bar on the left makes you question whether you really need a meal or if you should skip right to dessert while the giant display of unique sodas provides you with as many drink options as the fully stocked bar. The space is filled with a variety of reclaimed items from ceiling fixtures to hanging windows that separate the kitchen from the rest of the restaurant.

Bailey's Range First FloorWe were led upstairs to our table with giant windows on one side and a view looking down into the restaurant’s first floor on the other. We were presented with three menus for food, drinks, and ice cream. There are 17 different soda flavor categories, several local brewery offerings, boozy floats, shakes, ice teas, and lemonades. The rest of the menu consists of starters, salads, and burgers along with a la carte sides. All burgers on the menu come with a suggested protein, but any meat can be substituted for lamb, bison, chicken, pork, beef, veggie, or Match products (plant based, vegan meat substitute). In addition, your bun can be customized to be vegan, pretzel, or gluten free. There is also a weekly burger battle in which two burgers face off head-to-head so that the burger that is ordered more often remains on the menu to compete with a new burger the following week.

I chose to start with a Virgil’s black cherry cream soda while my husband chose a delicious, creamy espresso shake made with homemade ice cream (I suppose it’s one way to get your Sunday morning coffee). We also ordered the pretzels for an appetizer. The plate of three pretzels arrived quickly along with a large bowl of cheese sauce. The pretzels were unique in that they were more buttery and fluffy than your usual salty, dense pretzel. There was plenty of cheese for each bite and even some left over for our fries. I ordered the Ozark burger for my entrée which came with caramelized onions, sautéed Ozark forest cremini mushrooms, and black peppered goat cheese. This was all served on a homemade bun which was light enough that I didn’t feel like I completely filled up on bread. I substituted the protein for Match but the texture was a turnoff for me so I will probably go with a veggie patty next time. However, the toppings were great and I loved the flexibility of the menu which allows almost anyone with a dietary restriction to enjoy a meal. My husband chose the Herb’d Lamb which was a lamb patty topped with mint basil walnut pesto, Asiago cheese, fennel, and mixed greens. His burger was completely devoured by the time I took my third bite so I took this as a sign of success. We also ordered the small French fries which was plenty for two people. All fries come with a choice of mayo (rooster, horsey, chipotle, sriracha, house), mustard (beer, honey, sweet/hot), homemade catsup (sriracha, chipotle, curry, wasabi), Bbq or house cheddar sauce. Since we had left over cheese sauce from our pretzels and catsup from our burgers, we went with something more adventurous and chose the horsey sauce (horseradish mayo). All it took was a small dip but I loved the kick it added to the fries.

All in all, our meal was a success. The prices for these unique burgers average a manageable $10-$12. The space is perfect for a casual meal with kids or friends and provides a great spot to go before a game or with out-of-towners who may be out and about in downtown St. Louis.

Baileys’ Range is located at the corner of 10th and Olive in Downtown St. Louis (map).

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