Welcome to My Weekly Bite! Nothing makes me more excited than discovering a great new restaurant or bar so I figured, why not share my finds with you. Each week, I will make it my mission to try a new spot or revisit an old favorite and let you know about my experiences. I do not claim to be a food aficionado and I should preface this by letting you know that I am a vegetarian (dairy and fish excluded). No worries though, I always have input from my carnivorous dining partners. I would love to hear feedback so let me know your thoughts and suggestions.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Do you have a FaceBook page? I came across your blog while searching for downtown STL breakfasts. While I didn’t find a downtown weekday breakfast location, I enjoyed reading your reviews and would like to see them come across my newsfeed so I don’t miss any.

    1. Hi Patrice,
      Just search for Myweeklybite on Facebook or click the link at the bottom of my latest post to be connected. You can also subscribe to my blog to receive an e-mail every time something new is posted.

      If you are still in search of a breakfast spot downtown, you should check out Rooster which is also owned by the Baileys’ group!

      Thank you for your comment and for checking out Myweeklybite!

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